Software Architecture Design

Software Architecture Design

You want to be able to rely on your software to grow your business, so the software architecture design of your applications need to be robust, scalable and maintainable.

Because of this, our Software Architects bring the required experience and deep technical knowledge to make sure that your applications will grow with your user base, and that all aspects of well-engineered applications are taken care of.

As part of our Architecture and Design services, we help our customers define the best approach for their application in the following areas:

Software architecture design services

  • Optimal technology stack (technologies for front-end, back-end, middleware, data layer, web services, etc.)
  • Application architecture and patterns (MVC, MVVM, etc.)
  • Component deployment approach (3-tier, N-tier, etc.)
Software Architecture Design Services

DevOps approach

Define how the team will implement Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Automated Deployment, Application Monitoring, Contingency Management, etc.


UI/UX design

  • User Centered Design, based on User Personas and the set of most common usage scenarios
  • Usability Testing
  • Responsive design (to accommodate different devices and usage scenarios)

Scalability approach

Define how the application will be able to manage more/less concurrent users and data loads (e.g., elastic compute capacity, geographically distributed nodes, memory/cpu elasticity, etc.)


Security approach

Define how the application will prevent intrusions, and implement access and authorizations, data encryption, legal compliance, etc.


Infrastructure architecture design

Define the combination of Cloud vs Hybrid vs Traditional infrastructure needed for the application, including consideration for:

  • Compute model
  • Storage model
  • Load distribution model
  • Fail-over model

Integration and extensibility approach

Define how the application will integrate with other systems, and how the application functionality could be extended or augmented by third parties.

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