Early Stage Startups

We help startups achieve traction through smart MVP and App development
MVP and App Development - Venture Traction

Our Unique Program for Startups

Venture Traction is the division within Scio focused on helping startups get traction by developing their Apps and MVPs quickly and affordably. We launched Venture Traction in 2012 with a single mission: to be the most professional, creative and helpful technical partner that startups could find.  

We love working with entrepreneurs and founders, and being part of their journey. So, if you are looking to bring an idea to market, you are in the right place!


Solutions for all your needs

MVP Packages

Select from one of our MVP Packages to begin validating your ideas with prospects and show traction.

Apps for Startups

Leverage our 13+ years of experience building web, Mobile, Cloud, SaaS solutions for innovative companies.

Startup Dev Team

Finding good developers and creating a dynamic culture is hard. We have done it many over. Let us help you.

We are software specialists for startups

Our value proposition is simple: you focus on your business, we take care of your software.

We are your CTO plus Dev Team, so you have one-stop access to all the technical skills needed to make your company successful.

Technical Mentorship

As your CTO, we will work with you to make technology decisions and develop a product roadmap aligned with your business strategy.

Hosting Included

When we build an app for you, the cost includes everything to host it and manage the required infrastructure to run it optimally during your launch.


Lean Approach

From idea to product, we will help you to prioritize and build only as much as necessary for every milestone along the way.

Beautiful Design

We work with to develop beautiful UI/UX for your apps based on modern frameworks and standards to create friendly, intuitive experiences.

Support & Maintenance

Once your application is live, we will continue to support it and make sure everything is running smoothly at all times.

Your team. Always

We want to be with you for the long haul. Our vision is to become your trusted technology team and grow together with you and your company.

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