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Lean Application Development


The smart way to bring Web, Mobile, Cloud and IoT solutions to market

We work with our clients to build and operate reliable Web, Cloud and Mobile applications and services. We take a full-lifecycle approach, partnering with our clients from conceptualization, through development, to maintenance, support and ongoing DevOps.

Web Apps

We have been building Web applications for over a decade, for companies serving a variety of industries and business domains.

We focus on designing well-engineered web applications that your business can rely on. So we work to  provide the highest levels of usability, scalability, security and integration with mobile devices, browsers and platforms.

It doesn’t mean that the Web app needs to be large, complicated or expensive, only that we build well-engineered applications that our clients can trust.

We provide our clients mobile app development services and mobile-ready web solutions. Our engineers have experience developing native iOS, Android and Windows apps, as well as multi-platform mobility solutions.                           

We have built mobile apps designed for both consumers and corporate users. Our projects include standalone, self-contained mobile apps, as well as applications that rely on Cloud back-ends and services, and enterprise-grade applications that are part of an integrated Web/Cloud suite

We follow a structured process aimed at building highly engaging, robust applications: Strategy > UX Design > Architecture Design > Development > Deploy to Stores > Support and Maintenance.

Mobile Applications Scio Mexico
Infrastructure And Application Management Scio Development Company Mexico

We help clients to build scalable, maintainable Cloud applications and services (APIs & micro-services) by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing platforms, such as elastic compute power, data services, big data storage and virtual server hosting.

Also, we understand that the design and construction of a professional SaaS application requires making considerations that will affect the performance, scalability, manageability and security of the application. So we make sure that elements such as application architecture, multi-tenancy and provisioning , third-party integration requirements, database design, security model, and usability are considered carefully.

Expert software craftsmanship, at your service.

We develop well-engineered applications

Agile Software Development Scio

Agile Devlivery

We strongly believe that good applications are built iteratively, allowing them to evolve through the development process rather than just appear with the hope they will provide value for users. For that reason, we use Lean principles and Agile methodologies to guide our development process and to maintain a level of collaboration and flexibility throughout the application lifecycle.

Our Development Centers are based in Mexico, which means that our agile software developers work on your same business hours. This means that we collaborate side-by-side with you throughout your work day, enabling real-time communication and true Agile development practices.

Mvp Development Scio Mexico

Good Engineering

Good engineering requires experience and deep technical knowledge to design applications that are reliable and can scale with your business. Because of this, we design applications to start with a small footprint, but that are ready to grow seamlessly in tune with your business and user base.

We design applications with fail-over and contingency response in mind, to minimize issues and be able to get back to business as usual when problems arise.

Finally, we know by experience that well-engineered applications are easier to maintain, reducing the cost and effort of supporting and extending the application over its lifetime.

Startup Dev Team

Highly Collaborative

We believe that to achieve above-average results, in addition to technical and methodological competence,
you need a well-developed collaborative competence.

For that reason, we work with our clients in a highly collaborative approach to develop their applications. Our collaborative approach is based on leadership and teamwork practices that help build trust and alignment between our people and our client’s team, so that together we can accomplish amazing things.

In our view, there are two key dimensions that affect the outcomes of a collaborative effort: goal alignment and collaboration efficiency.

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