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MVP Packages

Begin validating your ideas with customers and show traction.

Our MVP Packages

Take your idea to market quickly and affordably


Starter Mvp Package Scio Mexico

Basic MVP that will help you begin validating your solution with prospective clients or users.

User registration & login
Up to 8 interactive screens
Up to 4 static screens
Local data storage & synchronization with a Cloud back-end
Web app: responsive UI design
Mobile app: Android and iOS versions

Timeline: 6 weeks


Standard Mvp Package Scio Mexico

A complete MVP to validate your solution with prospective clients or users, showing an expanded feature set.

User registration & login
Up to 20 interactive screens
Up to 6 static screens
Local data storage & synchronization with a Cloud back-end
Web app: responsive UI design
Mobile app: Android and iOS versions

Timeline: 8 weeks


Custom Mvp Package Scio Mexico

None of our packages seem to fit your needs? Get in touch to scope your custom MVP.

Enterprise Features
Security Features
Custom controls

Give us a call at +1 512 538 0512 x 254, or fill our contact form, and let’s start discussing the details of your application.

How it works

Predictable delivery of an MVP to help you reach your goals

Analysis & Planning

Week 1

Here we work with you to understand the vision you have for the application and the features it has to include.

We then define, jointly, what makes sense to include in the MVP, depending on your most pressing validation objectives.

Finally, we develop the Technical Architecture of the MVP, taking into account the long-term requirements of the app, and develop a plan to build the MVP.

UI/UX Design

Week 2 – 3

The first stage of the MVP development consists of doing mockups of the full UI/UX of the application. This has two purposes:

The first is to develop alignment and understanding about what functionality will be included in the MVP and how it will be implemented. This way, there is no room for surprises or misunderstandings about the functionality of the MVP.

The second purpose is to be able to validate with friendly testers that the proposed design is intuitive, friendly and clear. This way, we can make adjustments at an early stage, where it is still easy to introduce changes.

Development & Testing

Weeks 3 – 5 (3 – 7 for Standard)

During this stage our development team will be working on building and testing the business logic, data access layer, and Cloud back-end (if needed) of the application. We apply a collaborative development process and a proven lean methodology focused on frequent and early delivery of business value.

You will be invited to participate in the daily team coordination meetings and you will be given a weekly demo of the progress achieved to date.

Acceptance Testing & Deployment

Week 6 (8 for Standard)

At this point, we will deploy the application to an Acceptance Testing environment where you will be able to validate all final details and make sure that everything is working as expected.

If there are any issues we will address them right away. Otherwise, if everything looks good, we will deploy the MVP to the production environment or to the App Stores, so you can begin sharing it with your prospects and/or investors.

Post-MVP Support

For 6 months after launch of MVP

After we have delivered your MVP, we will continue to support it for 6 months, fixing any bugs or problems that were not discovered during the Acceptance Testing phase.

If your application requires hosting, we will also provide the infrastructure to host it and ensure the availability of your application for 6 months after the delivery of the MVP.

Would you like to learn more?

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