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It’s not enough to just use technology in your business

The Technology Battle Cry of Successful Service Organizations

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The small business and service organizations that are succeeding today are transforming their business with technology. They leverage technology to move closer to the customer and speed further ahead of the competition.

In this 4-part series, “Refuse to Fail”, we’ve pulled together the concepts, tips, best practices and inspiration that have driven the transformation of service businesses, many of whom are our clients.

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We’re producing “Refuse to Fail” to give back to the service industry that has been so good to ScioDev for over 15 years. And frankly, we’re hoping you’ll see new opportunities for your business and want to discuss with ScioDev how we can create for you the software and applications to make your vision a reality.

Small Business and Technology

Highly successful innovative small businesses have gone a step beyond. They not only have embraced technology for small business as part of their service delivery processes, they have made technology a core element of their competitive strategy and have invested in custom software and technology solutions that give them an edge over their competitors.

Refuse to Fail: A Series of Four Monthly Executive Papers

Digital Transformation: Not Just a Buzzword

Technology for Small Business Owners

Small Business and Technology


Small Innovations, Big Changes

Building a Service Company to Succeed

Among the many examples we’ll discuss in this executive paper series:

  • Reducing staff needs by automating elements of the service delivery process
  • Speeding up delivery of work by automating workflows routing and processes
  • Optimizing utilization of staff, vehicles and equipment
  • Reducing waste and other leakage (theft, lost or misplaced assets etc.)
  • Enable customer self-service, reducing customer service staffing needs
  • Impact of technology on Small Business

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If you wake up every morning and tell yourself that “failure is not an option”, this information series is for you.

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