Tired of poor results with your offshore team?

Let us be your experienced agile team that can work with you as a partner in real-time.

Many companies that embark in offshore software development end up frustrated because they experience:


Low productiviy



Language and cultural barriers


Too many late night or early morning calls for your US-based team



High turn-over


Expensive and exhausting travel


Little or no cultural integration with offshore team


Switch to Nearshore!

We help companies transition from offshore development to a nearshore development team in Mexico that works on their same business hours. Switching to nearshore development has many advantages:

Real-time Collaboration

Being on a similar time zone allows real-time collaboration, management and oversight of the project, resulting in better outcomes and higher project efficiencies.

Highly Skilled Team

All our employees have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. As one of the Top 10 Best Software Companies to Work for in Mexico, we attract the top talent in the industry.

Robust Infrastructure

Our Development Center operates with reliable, redundant IT infrastructure and sound technical security policies to ensure smooth operations.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing with us.

We have a proven process to transition

We have helped many companies move their software development to our nearshore delivery center. The process is structured so that you don’t lose support of your applications at any time and to ensure that your nearshore team can hit the ground running.

Why Scio?

We are a nearshore vendor for outsourced software development with clients in North America from our development center in Mexico. We are headquartered in Austin, TX and our Development Centers are located in Morelia and Guadalajara, Mexico, which are on U.S. Central time zone and a short flight away from major U.S. cities. This way, our team members collaborate with you in real-time, enabling true agility in nearshore software development.

Our nearshore delivery model offers you a geographical and cultural proximity that enables seamless, accurate communication and provides advantages in managing fast moving projects, especially those projects that depend on short feedback cycles and eye-to-eye alignment between all participants.

We offer turn-key software engineering capabilities for about 30-40% less cost than an internal U.S. development team.

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