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What we do

We help companies to develop their software applications by providing Nearshore and On-site Developers, QA Analysts and Test Automation Engineers to grow their development teams.

We are headquartered in Austin, TX and our Development Center is located in Morelia, Mexico, which is on U.S. Central time zone and a short flight away from major U.S. cities. This way, our team members collaborate with our clients in the U.S. in real-time, enabling true agility in software development.

Why Nearshore?

For most practical purposes, having a Nearshore team is very similar to having a team in a different city in the US!

Same time zone


High cultural affinity

Easy, real-time collaboration

Easy, quick travel

Benefits of Nearshore Development


Increased Productivity

Reducing your coordination overhead means that you will need less resources to accomplish more.


Improved Team Morale

Working with a remote team in the same time zone, avoiding late night or early morning conference calls, will help keep your in-house team fresh and motivated.


True Agility

Easy real-time collaboration enables you to use truly Agile approaches with your Nearshore team.


Faster Release Cycles

Faster communication loops shorten the time needed to design, build and test your software.


Better Quality

The combination of faster review cycles and working with people that understand your world and expectations results in better software quality and less rework. 


Low travel costs, short flights

For all practical purposes, your team is located as if they were just in a different state.

Why ScioDev

Years providing Nearshore developers


Releases to Production

Collaborative Partnering Approach

We will work hand-in-hand with you. Our goal is to become your trusted partner, developing a long-lasting relationship based on a track record of helping you achieve your desired outcomes. 

Friendly, positive people

You will find in the Scio team a group of friendly people with a positive attitude. With many of our clients we develop friendships that extend beyond the engagements in which we work together.

Product Development Mindset

Our experience spans the full Software Development Lifecycle of commercial software, SaaS applications and enterprise systems. So we understand the DevOps of mission critical applications that need to be available 24/7.

Accessible Leadership Team

Part of our leadership team is based in Austin, TX and part is in Morelia, Mexico, ensuring that there will always be somebody at hand to help with issues, concerns or emergencies. If you want to grab lunch, coffee or a beer, we are available too!

We are one of the Top 10 Best Software Companies to Work for in Mexico

Since 2013 we have been included in the list of the best 10 software companies to work for in Mexico, according to an independent magazine specialized in software. This is because we offer great benefits and perks, and a dynamic culture that attracts and retains top talent.

How it works

The needs and objectives of every customer are unique, and so is our approach for each of them. However, typically, the process goes like this:

1. Understand objectives, technology & processes

We start by understanding your development objectives and expectations, your technology stack, your methodology and processes, and your existing assets and environments. Then we work together to create a plan to achieve the desired outcomes.  

2. Select & allocate team members

Based on your needs, we jointly select the team members that will work with you and the location they will work from (nearshore or onsite). In parallel we prepare the required infrastructure and connectivity. 

3. Team integration, knowledge transfer & ramp-up

This is where we begin the integration of the new team into your operations. Typically it starts with a visit to do the initial transfer of domain knowledge, to build rapport between team members and to create alignment in expectations, tools and processes.  

4. Initial successful release cycles

Here we work together to complete the integration of the teams and to achieve a stable level of productivity, quality and efficiencies.

5. Ongoing performance improvement

Finally, we work together, on a continuous basis, to improve tools, processes and communications to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Some of our awesome clients

What they have  said about us:

I have been using Scio as our partner and couldn’t be happier with their service. The talented developers have supported our apps for the last 4 years. They’ve surpassed my expectations in quality and customer service!

Amy Graham

Director of Technology Solutions, Bright Horizons

It was a sincere pleasure to learn and work alongside Scio. Some of the best lessons of collaborating and building a product have been with the Scio team, so I do appreciate their time and dedication with us.

Steve Buccola

Director of Product Management, LiveOffice

I like the daily communication, Scio people are easy to talk to. Scio feels like a true partner; they put genuine thought behind their proposed approach…  they understand your business and develop a solution, not just software.

Ameet Shahani

Director of Operations & Technology, CPH & Associates

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