High Performance Collaboration

Our High Performance Collaboration in software development approach (HPC) is at the center of the way we work with our clients.

HPC is based on leadership and teamwork practices that help build trust and alignment between our people and our client’s team, so that together we can accomplish amazing things.

Key dimensions of collaboration performance

The definition of collaboration is “to work with another person or group in order to achieve something”. They keyword is “to achieve.” So, assessing how well two groups collaborate depends on how well objectives are met and how much effort and resources are invested. Based on this, we understand that there are two key dimensions that affect the outcomes of a collaborative effort:


Goal Alignment

This refers to the degree with which the understanding of the goals of the client are understood by all participants and the degree with which their actions and decisions support those goals.


Collaboration Effectiveness

This refers to the “friction” with which the two groups work together and is influenced by the physical location of the participants, the communication tools used, and by logistical, language and cultural aspects of the collaboration.

Key Dimensions of Collaboration in Software Development

The HPC approach is based on working together to maximize goal alignment and collaboration efficiency.

We maximize goal alignment through:

  • In-depth understanding of objectives & expectations
  • Ongoing assessment & re-calibration of alignment
  • Trust building between participants

We maximize collaboration effectiveness by:

  • Shortening distance between Dev team and users
  • Fostering real-time, high-touch interactions
  • Disseminating information inclusively, in a timely manner

We believe that to achieve above-average results,
in addition to technical and methodological competence,
you need a well-developed collaborative competence.

The practice of High Performance Collaboration in software development

The way we implement the principles of HPC in everyday practice is by deploying processes and tools in every development team that foster communication, alignment and teamwork. This translates into the three key execution components of the HPC approach:

Components of High Performance Collaboration in Software Development

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